Which friend are you and your friends? Tag yourselves!

asthma jams

loves watching x-files
yells at furniture when
they walk into it
takes care of their plants
but they still die

upside down emoji

wine mom aesthetics
snapchats everything
daily mental breakdowns

no ragrets™

shares vids of cute animals
vegan who misses cheese
tags people on memes 24/7


is obsessed with cats
isn’t alive before their
morning coffee
takes buzzfeed quizzes

gudrun schywoman

glitter on everything
loves lush bath bombs


flannels are life flannels is love
does fingerguns if asked how
they are doing
pro at putting together ikea furniture


pretends to be asleep to
avoid responsibility
eyebrows are always perfect
cries to the star wars soundtrack

call 911

marathons netflix series
likes salt and vinegar chips
forgets that they made tea

blocked, reported & deleted

allergic to wearing dresses

gets spontaneous tattoos

only listens to 90’s music

illustratör & avokado entusiast. Medlem i redaktionsgruppen
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