Call for papers: Queer in the Nordic countryside/Queering the Nordic countryside

5 juni 2017 till 1 september 2017

Call for papers

Queer in the Nordic countryside/Queering the Nordic countryside


Deadline for abstracts: September 1, 2017

”Get thee to a Big City” Kath Weston wrote 25 years ago. The imagined necessary move from rural areas to the big city has been a primary feature of LGBTQ coming out narratives. The migration from the rural to the urban completes the movement out of the closet based on the notion that life begins in the big city. The narrative of rural homophobia and urban areas as making (all) queer lives livable has to a great extent been disputed in recent research. Research on LGBTQ lives beyond the metropolitan areas illuminates different strategies, and ways of living, as an LGBTQ person in rural areas. This research focusses mainly on rural areas in the US and Australia, and there is still a lack of knowledge of rural queer lives in the Nordic region.

In Queer in the Nordic countryside/Queering the Nordic countryside the possibilities of queer lives and communities in different parts of the Nordic region are illuminated through a focus on LGBTQ lives beyond the metropolitan areas.

How can the exploration of LGBTQ identities and lives beyond the “big cities” contribute to a more complex understanding of LGBTQ experiences and living conditions and challenge the binary opposition between the progressive big city and the dangerous rural area?

What role does social network sites play in LGBTQ lives in rural areas?

What queer rural voices are yet to be heard, and what do they say?

This special issue of lambda nordica aims to address some of these questions and invites submissions for articles that engage with queer approaches to rural contexts.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):

· Digital queer communities in rural areas

· (Challenging) The narrative of “the escape” from the countryside

· Homecoming

· Intersectional approaches to belonging in rural areas/beyond the metropolitan areas

· LGBTQ communities and organizing beyond the metropolitan areas

· Queer rural identities

· Representations of rural queers/LGBTQ people

Articles should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words including footnotes and references and should not have been published previously. The issue will be in English and the Scandinavian languages. For more detailed instructions, see the journal webpage:

We ask you to send us one-page abstracts for article submissions.

Deadline for abstracts: September 1, 2017

Deadline for articles: February 1, 2018

Publication: 2019

Please send queries and submissions to guest editors,

lambda nordica is a Nordic peer-reviewed academic journal for research in the Humanities and Social Sciences with relation to LGBT and Queer Studies. We strive to support the dialogue between established and younger scholars to inspire to more LGBTQ research in the Nordic area and support the initiative to new research areas in the field. The journal also introduces and reviews international LGBTQ literature.

Evelina Liliequist
Doktorand i etnologi, Umeå universitet
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