Blixt från klar himmel - ett lajv om förtryckande historisk verklighet, häxor och lesbiskhet

24 februari 2018
Enkvällslajv med workshop innan lajvstart, möjlighet till övernattning efter lajvslut
Fiskhamnsgatan 41, Göteborg, Sverige


A smoky illegal, lesbian night club run by witches in 1939. A run down bar where your character drinks, flirts, dances and listens the smouldering voice of the Jazz diva on stage. A dangerous time to be a lesbian. And to be a witch.

You are wearing your best dancing clothes, having just ordered a drink at the bar and looking over your shoulder to see who is here tonight in the smoked filled room. Maybe someone wants to take you backstage tonight?
Or you are rechecking your weapon once more nervous about tonights raid, with that feeling in the pit of your stomach growing worse. Will you be given sanctuary?

The club gets raided by the military looking for witches. But everyone queer in the club is also in danger due to the homophobic laws in Sweden at the time.

A world very much like our own, but where witches were always real.


This larp is part of “The Lesbian Agenda”

The larp is run in the same world as Witches of Ästad Farm so if you want to learn more you can head over to the Witches of Ästad Farms' homepage.

The Setting is the Swedish, witch run, lesbian night club of Himmelriket (Heaven). However all genders are welcome.

Due to homosexuality being illegal in Sweden in 1939 Himmelriket lesbian club moves around from place to place, and tonight it will set up shop in  the industrial harbour of Gothenburg, at a spot where it has been hosted before. Due to external forces, the bar that is usually situated here, for the dock workers is closed at the moment and the owners have choosen to rent out to Himmelriket as a way to earn some cash under the table. The night of saturday 2:nd September 1939 will be a night to remember.


  • What: One day/evening larp at an illegal lesbian night club run by witches in Sweden 1939. Set in the same world as Witches of Ästad Farm. No real alcohol.
  • Where: Gothenburg Industrial Harbour, Fiskhamnsgatan 41, Skjul Fyrasex
  • When: February 24:th 2018
  • Who: Open to all genders. Organized by Karin Edman and Siri Arvidsson
  • What food: Bring your own food. Only light snacks will be served.
  • Where do I sleep: On the floor at Skjul Fyrasex or at a friends place.
  • How Many: Up to 90 players.
  • How: Players write their own character matching character concepts fitting the larp. Organizer coaching will be available and we can also help choose.
  • In game time will be off set by 3 hours, making it later in the evening in game. This will by symbolized by wall clocks. We do not demand players change the time on personal devices.


Joint Organizer mail:

Producer: Karin Edman

Larp Wright: Siri Arvidsson

More information

Homepage with information about the larp in english:

Information about fiction in both english and swedish:

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Emelie Ryglert
Medlem i lesbisk makt, förhoppningsvis deltagare på "Blixt från klar himmel"!
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