24 Dates - A Queer Christmas Calendar

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Episode 1 of "24 Dates - A Queer Christmas Calendar"

1 december 2018 till 24 december 2018

24 dates - a queer christmas calendar follows Jessy - a heartbroken, depressed queer who lost all their faith in love. Their partner broke up right after they travelled cross country to move in with them in Malmö. And now, all alone, with no friends in a new town: Christmas is coming.

Then, by miracle (or possibly their super kind but awkward roomie) Jessy is given 24 dates for Christmas! What a bliss! Of course it will soon start to show that all of these dates already know each other, are each others’ exes, exes exes exes and deeply involved in complicated layers of conflicts within the community…but our main character is, at first, happily unaware of this.


The calendar is funded by Boost Hbg, Nordisk kulturfond - Opstart & Lesbisk Makt.


ACTORS (alphabetical): Amanda Lebert Elfelin, Anakin Tora Botwid, Andi Malm, Andrea Coloma, Eira Fröjdh, Ellen Edlundh, Gina040, Jenny Salomonssen, Joanna Jensen, Johanna Essie Sjögren, Lisa Quartey, Rei N.M. Mansa, Ronja Mannov Olesen, Shaya Khalil, Sigrid Törnqvist, Sonia Haga, Ukka Winter, Vanessa Williams/Noah Fence & Vide Ohlsson Gotby

Script & directors: Joanna Jensen & Robin N Spegel Editing: Tine Alavi Rooms: Amanda Lebert Elfvelin Produktionsassistent: Lisa Quartey


Music by: Feel Freeze 

Songs used:

No Headlights, Just Stars (theme song), Bend The Night, Bridge To Your Heart

Heroes, First Dream, In Your Mind

Streaming: https://feel-freeze.lnk.to/xb5l4FA

The music is used by permission from record label and music publisher Icons Creating Evil Art (www.icea.se)

Robin Spegel
dramatiker, founder of Lesbisk Makt