Queertronix ∞ NeriJ ∞ Vilde Tuv ∞ Ida Engelhardt

11 juni 2017


Kapow Collective presents: queertronix rave edition

This night we explore the dark, heavy and fast side of techno.

» Neri J (Vortex Comunity, Et Andet Sted, Groovebox)

» dj Vilde Tuv AKA sambucca-queen

» Ida Engelhardt (Queertronix)

» Kapow Collective

Queertronix is a series of queer events focusing on women and queers in electronic music, operating in the intersection of the practical, artistic, and theoretical from a vision of inclusion and democracy.

Door: 50kr // Cash // Good behavior

»Neri J (Vortex Comunity, Et Andet Sted, Groovebox) https://soundcloud.com/nerij
Neri J, founder of Vortex Community, and resident at Et Andet Sted. The whole musical journey of Neri J started on the other side of the DJ booth. Passionate dancer since childhood, Neri J was gathering inspiration and exploring different rhythms and genres in the front lines of the dance floors. Now she aims to transform the feeling of her personal inner self to the sounds and vibrations of the deep, heavy techno for the ones on the dance floor. Her selections are crafted to take you on a powerful and empowering ride of the night.

»dj Vilde Tuv AKA sambucca-queen
When Sambucca Queen gets behind the decks it’s with inspiration in early hardcore, gabber and trance. She mix melodies with hard hitting beats, it makes her tickle under her feet and beats her heart til its meat

» Ida Engelhardt
Being a regular at Copenhagen raves, Ida Engelhardt now makes her debut behind the decks. She started her musical exploration in Kapow Collective and has now developed an uncompromising sound of hard hitting industrial techno.


Kapow Collective is an activist movement for women and queers. We build and occupy space to educate each other and break down society's repression mechanisms with a focus on gender issues. We mix music, art, activism and creativity in a hardcore medley. Kapow is a strange revolution that breaks down gender norms and the status quo! We are a platform, a forum and a network that is based in the Candy Factory.

Everybody can Kapow - everybody is Kapow. Kapow Collective is the beginning of the end of the cisheteropatriarchal world order.


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