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The aim of this paper is to answer to questions concerning lesbianism and representation in the literature. By studying possible reasons to the underrepresentation of lesbianism in contemporary swedish literature, the main purpose is to examine how the underrepresentation affects the self-image of people who somehow identifies themselves as lesbians. In order to answer the purpose, the following questions have been applied: How does the existing interpretation of lesbianism appear? In what way does this lack of representation affect the group in question? This report is based on a literature study and an interview with a student from the University of Stockholm. Beside this interview, the used sources comes from established websites, authorities and writers. As a result of historical oppressions, lesbians are still being discriminated and unnoticed because of the heterosexual worldview. The interpretation of lesbianism in contemporary swedish literature mainly consists of coming-out stories where the main character is a teenage girl who falls in love with another girl. The image given of lesbianism pictures mental ill-health and identity crises. Thus, the literature represents and reproduces the reality in an authentic way. Based on the result, one can easily come to the conclusion that there is a connection between society, (under)representation and mental (ill-)health.

Keywords: Contemporary Swedish Literature, Representation, Underrepresentation, Lesbianism, Self-image

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