Lesbisk Litterär Salong läser/ Lesbian book club reads Gideon the Ninth

18 oktober 2023
Café Linné Hörnan


Hej alla! Vi fortsätter att läsa på engelska, om du sitter och väntar på att vi ska plocka upp en svensk bok snart - hör av dig så vet vi att intresset finns. Vi läser Tamsyn Muirs gotiska-science-fantasy-skräckroman Gideon the Ninth.

Hi all, for the next book club meeting we are reading Gideon the by Tamsyn Muir!


Gideon the Ninth is a 2019 science fantasy novel by the New Zealand author Tamsyn Muir. It is her debut novel and the first in the Locked Tomb series. 

In the star system Dominicus, there are nine planets, each home to nine great Houses, under the rule of the Emperor. Each house practices its own school of necromancy. 

Eighteen year-old Gideon Nav's tries, for the 86th time, to escape the Ninth House, a death cult tasked with guarding a Locked Tomb said to contain the Emperor's greatest enemy. Her plans of fleeing to join the Emperor's armies are quickly foiled by her lifelong antagonist and heiress of the Ninth House, Harrowhark "Harrow" Nonagesimus, that for the reason that Gideon is Harrow's only real choice of a cavalier, her body guard.

"Gideon the Ninth is too funny to be horror, too gooey to be science fiction, has too many spaceships and autodoors to be fantasy, and has far more bloody dismemberings than your average parlor romance." - Jason Sheehan's NPR review. The book was named one of the best books of 2019 by several publications and organizations, including NPR, Vox, the New York Public Library, Wired, and was selected by Amazon's editors as the best science fiction and fantasy book of 2019. 

Uppsala’s libraries have four copies of the book to borrow, it can also be bought in bookstores. It is also accessible as an audiobook on Nextory, among other places.


Muir was born in 1985, in New South Wales, Australia. Her family moved to New Zealand when she was nine months old, so Muir grew up in New Zealand. She currently lives and works in Oxford.


Before the meeting, you are welcome to think about questions / interesting things that you thought about while reading to bring up for discussion. The idea is to explore lesbianism as a literary theme. Then, easy-going unpretentious book-talk will follow!


We will meet at Café Linne Hörnan (OBS! It is easy to get mixed up with Café Linné which is across the street, but it is at “Hörnan” that we will meet). There is a ramp for wheelchairs and the like, we want to make our events as accessible as possible, if you have any special needs or questions regarding availability just leave a message!
Whoever comes first takes a table and put up a post in the event so that we´ll find each other. If you can´t find us just write on the page, one of us will keep an eye on inbox! (On Facebook: https://fb.me/e/3QS58rojN)


Anyone who identifies as a lesbian or is interested in lesbianism is very welcome! (You who identify yourself as, for example, queer or bi are of course welcome). As the book is available in English this time, we will also have the actual meeting in English.


The book club is arranged by Lesbiskt Rum Uppsala. The name Lesbisk Litterär Salong is a wink to the salons that were held by lesbians during the 20th century and were a place for conversation and exchange of thoughts. We meet about every sixth week and read a book with a lesbian theme. The next book is always decided at the end of each meeting by the participants, but if you can´t come and want to suggest a book, just leave a suggestion on the page!

Lesbiskt Rum Uppsala is part of Lesbisk * Makt. Read more about who we are at: https://lesbiskmakt.nu/
As a member of Lesbian Makt, you can be active in arranging events and meeting places by joining one of the local branches or starting up a new local group. It is also possible to just attend events, or simply just want to support us through your membership. The membership fee is only 20-100 SEK / year.
* Anyone who is a lesbian or is interested in lesbianism and who identifies as a woman, non-binary and / or has trans experience may become a member and is welcome to the meetings and activities.